Our Mission

Inspired by culinary adventures from all over the globe and the culture that revolves around a fresh & healthy diet. Acai & Alchemy aims to surprise you every time with our superior quality acai, organically sourced fresh fruit, smoothies and crafted teas. Sometimes we just want a quick, light, and body-beneficial meal on the go. A healthy snack or just a great way to start your day! Our ingredients are sourced locally and seasonally. Our product is always non-diary with no added sugars. A bowl with a texture that looks like ice-cream: we call it "NICECREAM". Acai & Alchemy represents a tropical lifestyle of freedom, travel, health, activities, joy and counting your blessings everyday. Our product is our pride! Take a break from your cooking and grab a healthy breakfast, lunch or snack. Your daily dose of vitamins! Blended and brew with love!

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